How To Decide If It Is Time To Redesign Your Website

In the world we live in, where the internet plays an ever-increasing role with each day that passes, any business that does not have a website is allowing its competition to have a huge advantage over it. Now, if you are reading this and thinking, ‘My business is not at risk, it has a website’, you might want to take a pause for a further thought and ask yourself, ‘Is my website performing as I want it to?’

Unless the answer to that question is a resounding ‘Yes!’, then it might be time to consider giving your website an overhaul with a complete redesign. At Tribeca Media we have clients come to us each day, and when we ask them a series of questions to establish how well their website is performing, they soon realise that they have been losing ground, and more importantly, revenue, as it is failing in many ways.

Now, this is not the fault of the website, just as it is not the fault of a car that is not maintained properly and then breaks down. The difference here is that while a well-maintained car might last up to 20 years, a website is often past its prime performance within just 2 years of it going live. How can you tell? Well, ask the following questions of your website and the answers will confirm whether a redesign is necessary or not.

#1: Does It Look Dated And Of Another Era?

Such is the speed at which the internet evolves, we are often talking about months instead of years, in terms of how long it takes for something online to become ‘past its sell-by date’. As for websites, not only do the visual design elements change rapidly, but the functionality of them quickly evolves.

If you look at websites that were built at the turn of the century, at the time they were seen as groundbreaking, but today, they seem like relics from the past. As for your website, if you look at it and then compare it with websites that have recently been launched or redesigned, especially within your niche, then you will soon be able to tell if it is fast becoming dated and in need of a redesign.

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