Web Design

There comes a point when most business owners start looking for web designers because there are more signs than ever that their current website has passed the point of no return. By that we mean that it has got to a stage where several deficiencies are either being measured or worse, being seen by all who land on that website.

Another scenario that exists is a business owner will be oblivious to the problems that are befalling their website, and this can occur for several reasons. Worst of them all, they spend no time whatsoever monitoring their website or measuring its performance and simply let it fall into decline. It is also possible that a business owner has little knowledge of their web design, and they are not identifying issues because they do not know what to look for.

For that first scenario, we will be honest and say there is little we can do for a business owner who does not care. However, for those business owners who do care, but are unaware of what constitutes website deficiencies, we are going to help them by highlighting seven of the most common and why a new website design is the only solution.

Indicator #1 – Your Website Does Not Display Properly On Mobile Devices

A website that is not mobile-friendly is akin to having a black and white TV set. In other words, no one wants them and thus no visitor is going to remain on a website if they cannot see and use it properly on their mobile phone.

Indicator #2 – Your Website Is Slow

When people go online and interact there, they want things to happen quickly, not at a snail’s pace. This means if your website’s pages load slowly you can forget conversions because most visitors will have left before even being asked to “Click Here”.

Indicator #3 – Your Website Looks Dated

Whilst you might feel nostalgic about your old faithful website that has been around since the decade was known as the “noughties”, you have to let it go. No visitor is going to want to remain on a website that is close to becoming a museum piece.

Indicator #4 – Your Website Gets Very Little Organic Traffic

When you analyse where your website’s traffic is coming from, and little of it is generated via search engines, it is a clear indication that its design is not meeting Google’s expectations nor optimised for its algorithms.

Indicator #5 – Your Website Does Not Embody Your Offers

If your website’s design and the content that has been published there have not kept up with the development of your brand, products, and services, there is little chance of it promoting any of them or converting visitors into leads and buyers.

Indicator #6 – Your Website Offers A Woeful User Experience

This is a bit of a catch-all given that a poor user experience can occur due to several issues within your website’s design. The important point to know is that user experience is a key ranking and conversion factor.

Indicator #7 – Your Website Is Not Converting

Every website should have a means of converting whether that be a visitor into a lead or a prospect into a buyer. If the data shows that you are getting plenty of visitors but no leads or buyers, then a redesign of that website is a must.