Web Design7 Ways To Ensure Your Domain Name Helps Rather Than Hinders Your SEO

When web designers create websites, especially those for a business, one of the most important objectives of the design is to ensure that when visitors land on the website, they remain there for some time. Given that attention spans online can be minuscule, getting someone to remain even for 10 seconds or more is a challenge. However, that challenge can be met by great web design facilitated by professional web designers.

It is often the case that a business owner who has an awesome product or service to offer and does so at a highly competitive price gets frustrated when their website fails to generate the number of sales and subsequent revenue they are expecting. It is almost certain that the reason they are not getting results is that website visitors are leaving their website before they have been exposed to the fantastic offers that are within it.

Several website deficiencies could be to blame, and so we have taken some of them and outlined proven fixes for them. Some are easier than others, and it might be the case that a web designer is required to instigate a redesign of the failing website.

Problem: Aged Design – If you don’t invest in digital marketing and you have had the same website for 5 years or more, even now its design is likely to be looking somewhat outdated.

Solution: An Updated Website Design – The only real solution is to have a new website designed for your business with the latest web design features.

Problem: Autoplay Videos – Most online users totally HATE autoplay videos and will click away almost instantly after one starts playing.

Solution: Make All Videos On Your Website Click To Play – This will give visitors a choice as to whether to play videos and those who do are more likely to watch the entire video.

Problem: Website Looks Poor On Mobile – With more people accessing the internet via mobiles than desktops and laptops, websites that do not load properly or look weird on mobile displays will be abandoned by visitors.

Solution: Make Your Website Suitable For All Devices – This may not require an entire redesign and hopefully a few adjustments to your website’s coding and plugins can render it fully responsive.

Problem: Reading The Website’s Content Is Challenging – If visitors struggle to read fonts that are akin to calligraphy or there are huge blocks of text, they will go elsewhere to find content.

Solution: Change Fonts And Text Layout – Use simple, clear fonts, and break the text down into smaller blocks that make reading them less challenging.

Problem: Too Many Ads – Ads of all kinds tend to be a turnoff, and if your website is plastered with them, there is little chance of visitors staying for long.

Solution: Limit Or Remove Ads – This is nothing more difficult than going through your website and removing ads, especially the pop-up ones.

Problem: Menu Structure Is Confusing  – Menus that have seemingly endless levels, overcomplicated navigation, and a website structure that follows zero logic will guarantee confused visitors who leave quickly.

Solution: Make Your Website Easy To Navigate – This will entail a degree of restructuring for your website, plus creating a new menu system that is easy to understand for everyone who visits the website.