Google Ads

Tribeca Media are highly experienced Google Ads management professionals in Perth WA.

Unless you have a unique product or service that no other business in Perth, WA sells or promotes, it is highly likely that you have local competition. To counter this there are many ways in which you can give your business a competitive advantage over them and one of the most effective is to use Google Ads as a key part of your digital marketing strategy.

Now, there are undoubtedly many business owners reading this that already know that, however, what stops them from going live with a Google Ads campaign is they are unsure how to. That is perfectly understandable because, although individual Google ads might appear small and relatively simple, once you start trying to create them, you soon realise that it takes considerable expertise and specifically the type of expertise that exists at a Google Ad agency like Tribeca Media.

Why Google Ads Are So Effective

GOOGLE ADSWe should probably add at the end of that subtitle, the words, “if done correctly” because the sad fact is so many businesses try Google Ads without knowing what they are doing, and thus see little or no return on that investment. However, that is not going to happen to you if Tribeca Media are taking care of your Google Ads management. If we do, here are some of the advantages Google Ads has for your business.

Can Be Live Quickly

Provided all the prerequisite research and planning have been done you can have a Google Ad up and running almost immediately. A Google Ad, once created, could go live within minutes and you genuinely could start to see traffic landing on your website within the hour.

Gain Traffic For Keywords That Your SEO Has Not

Within any niche, there will be certain keywords that are extremely competitive and even with the best SEO taking place it may take considerable time and effort to rank for them. Some businesses might simply give up on them, but for yours, that is where Google Ads could come into play. Many of your competitors will not be using Google Ads so we can set them up for the keywords that are difficult to rank for using SEO and gain traffic from them.

You Can Switch Ads On And Off At Will

Whereas some forms of marketing and advertising are one-offs or need to be maintained continually Google Ads provides far more flexibility. For instance, if you have an ad that is so successful that you are struggling to cope with all the extra traffic, prospects, and customers it generates, we simply switch it off temporarily. Once you are ready, we switch it back on again.

You Can Target Geographically

A huge benefit to local businesses especially is that Google Ads can target only those people searching within a specified geographical area, including Perth, WA. Otherwise, it can be by any other state, city, town, or county pending on how narrow a geographical area you wish to target your ads.

You Are In Complete Control Of What You Spend

There is a misconception that google ads are only for the ‘big fish’ that have endless budgets for marketing. That is simply not true. Google Ads can be used within any budget, so regardless of whether you have $5, $50, $500, or $5,000 to spend per day,  your campaign can be set up accordingly so you never spend more than your business can comfortably afford.

Advantages Of Google Ad Campaign Managed By Tribeca Media

Tribeca Media have a team of Google Ads experts who have the skills and experience to take a Google Ads campaign from the first goal being set, through to its successful completion, and beyond if the client wishes to keep their ads running. We start with an initial consultation to hear from you what you wish to achieve from your ads, who your competitors are, and what you believe your budget might be.

From that, we do comprehensive research using the tools and expertise that we have. That research will identify significant opportunities for keywords and bidding strategies. It will also give us some insights into what ad copy works best. Following our research, we will plan your campaign, set it up, test it to ensure it is working and then monitor it.

From the data we analyse, we will tweak the ad using A/B testing to continually improve them, leading to you gaining the most amount of traffic for the least cost per click. This can be an ongoing process with the aim of continual improvement of your Google Ads performance. With each small improvement we make, your return on your investment increases, your advantage over your competitors extends, and the positive impact Google ads are having on your business grows.

Tribeca Media’s Google Ads team is waiting to hear from you, so please enter your details on our Contact Us page, and we will be in touch as soon as possible.