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Unlock your website’s full potential with Tribeca Media’s top-tier SEO services in Perth, Western Australia. Our team of experienced specialists combines data-driven strategies, technical expertise, and content creation to optimise your online presence, driving organic traffic and increasing your search rankings. With a personalised approach for every client, we ensure your business stays ahead of the competition and connects with your target audience.

As a local business in Perth, WA, you will undoubtedly want to ensure that the success of that business is assured through effective marketing and by offering great products and services. Marketing may take many forms, but given that we live in the internet age, marketing online is a must and if you have a website, one of the most effective ways of driving traffic to it is with the use of search engine optimisation, or SEO as it is usually called. Call us today on (08) 6102 1175

Your Journey to the Top Starts Here

The answer is quite simple if you are unsure of what SEO entails. It is the means of moving your website to as close to the top of the search results anytime someone enters a relevant search term in Google or one of the other search engines. Whilst the definition is relatively simple, the implementation of SEO is not, so businesses in Perth, WA, turn to SEO agencies such as Tribeca Media to help them.

One of the reasons businesses employ SEO specialists like us is that Google, the dominant search engine, does not make it easy for businesses to rank their websites. By that, we mean that Google wants websites to earn rankings legitimately. Knowing how to do that is what the team within an SEO company like Tribeca Media are experts at, so let us examine why that can be equally important to your business.

Dominate Search Results with Strategic SEO

This is a question that the team at Tribeca Media occasionally get asked, and it deserves an answer. Today, consumers use the internet for just about everything that is part of their life, including their employment, for fun, to communicate, to educate themselves, and, most applicable, whenever they wish to purchase something. When they do, they will first go online and search for what they need.

An example is ‘wills lawyer in Perth’ for someone who wishes to create a will. When they enter that search, Google will produce a page of 10 results with links to websites that rank for ‘wills lawyer in Perth’ and usually, the person who searched will click through to one of them.

If someone searches for your type of product or service and your business is not in that top 10, you can be sure many of your direct local competition will be, giving them a huge competitive advantage. Tribeca Media can turn that around and get your business not just in the top 10 but up towards the top three positions of those search results.

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Boost Your Online Visibility Today With SEO

Boost Your Online Visibility Today

One of the most obvious ways the team of SEO specialists at Tribeca Media will assist your business goals is by sending more traffic to whichever pages of your website you wish to be sent to. To give you some idea of that, if we consider the top 10 positions again, the percentage of all traffic which comes from the first page of any search can be anything from 75% to 95%, but it gets better. The top 3 positions acquire around two-thirds of all page 1 traffic.

What this means for you is that by Tribeca Media planning and executing an SEO campaign, for each keyword phrase, we rank you in the top 3; you will be gaining up to 10 times more traffic than a competitor who might be ranked at position 9 or 10.

Bear in mind you are not paying for each click-through to your website, which would be the case if you were using Google Ads, which is why, after your investment in having the SEO team at Tribeca Media implement your campaign, SEO can provide one of the highest ROIs of any digital marketing. Also, if you are at the top of those search results, your completion is not.

Turn Rankings into Revenue

One point we wish to be completely open about with you is that SEO is not an overnight fix. Google has over 300 different ranking factors, and they expect websites to earn their rankings by effectively implementing certain core SEO actions. As such, when Tribeca Media undertakes your SEO, part of it will be thorough research, followed by effective planning by our SEO specialists.

Thereafter, each individual optimisation will be implemented and, most importantly, tracked to ensure that it has the desired effect on your Google rankings. Steadily your ranking for individual keywords and phrases will move in the right direction, and soon we expect to see you ranking at or near the top for several of your most important search terms.

To make all this happen, the first step is for you to send your details via our Contact Us page, and we will get back to you to discuss how we can help get your business sitting proudly at the top of Google and benefiting from the additional prospects who visit your website as a result. Call us today on (08) 6102 1175

Benefits Of SEO

Ask a random selection of business owners and CEOs how SEO could benefit their businesses, and amazingly some of them will ask you “What is SEO?”. Many others are likely to give you a reply along the lines of “It helps you get noticed on Google”. It is somewhat alarming to realise that only a minority would be able to give you a more comprehensive answer, and even fewer would be able to list several benefits of SEO.

That last point is worth considering because it is the case that, whilst SEO is certainly a means of improving your rankings on Google and other search engines, there is a lot more SEO can do for your business. So much so that, if you continue reading, you will discover no fewer than ten of those benefits that your business could accrue thanks to SEO.

Improves Local Search Engine Rankings: An obvious one, but it still needs to be listed, and as the #1 benefit of SEO. Ranking high on Google can transform the success and profitability of your business due to the increased traffic it generates.

More People Become Aware Of Your Business: It is a big problem if people have not even heard of your business. That can change when SEO helps you rank because you will appear for lots of local searches and thus the awareness of your business will increase.

SEO Is Highly Cost-Effective: You can do SEO yourself but unless you are an expert the desired results may not transpire. Instead, employ an SEO agency that, even though they charge a fee, will almost certainly generate a huge return on that investment.

SEO Supports Your Content Marketing: SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, and each supports the other. Great content is essential for SEO to work, and once SEO starts improving your rankings more people will consume the content that you are publishing.

SEO Can Enhance PPC Campaign Results: If you run a PPC campaign at the same time as SEO, it can come to pass that your organic result on the search engines and PPC ad both appear, which boosts the traffic generated by both channels.

SEO Improves Your Website’s UX: User experience (UX) has a huge influence on your Google rankings, and the fact that many of the optimisations which happen as part of SEO will improve and enhance your website’s UX, is highly beneficial.

SEO Boosts Your Credibility: How many businesses can say they rank #1 on Google? Not many, and if you are ranking at that top spot for a range of relevant search terms then you can truly say you are the #1 company in your local market.

SEO Helps Build Your Brand: Branding plays a significant role in the success of a business, and thanks to SEO putting your business and its branding in front of more people, awareness of your brand will greatly increase.

SEO Can Be Analysed To Pinpoint Further Optimisations: SEO is not a one-off task, but instead an ongoing exercise in the improvement and consolidation of your search engine rankings. Thankfully, SEO lends itself well to analytics, allowing you to continually make adjustments and improvements.

SEO Provides Your Business With A Huge Competitive Advantage: All local businesses have competition, and anything you can do to give yours a competitive advantage should be embraced. SEO can place your business well ahead of your competitors in many ways, as the previous nine SEO benefits prove.

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Local SEO

If you own or run a local business, doubtless, you will have heard arguments for and against instigating a local SEO campaign. Those against tend to be those who have tried to make local SEO work in the past and failed. The reason they failed with local SEO is normally for one of two main reasons.

The first is they tried to do all the SEO work themselves and became overwhelmed, if not confused, with what they were meant to do to improve their website’s rankings. The second is they tried to do it on the cheap and thus did not employ a professional SEO agency, but instead a keen amateur freelancer, for example.

For those that argue for local SEO, it is more than likely that they did hire an SEO agency whose experts have been able to get that business’s website to the first page of Google, and possibly into one of the top three positions on page #1. As well as the real experiences of businesses seeing their website rankings improve through local SEO, there are lots of other statistics and data that show local SEO works and is essential for local businesses with websites. Here are fifteen of them.

#1 – The percentage of all searches on Google with local intent is 46% meaning almost half of all searches are for local information or businesses.

#2 – Almost all (97% to be precise) of all the information which people discover about local businesses comes from their online research.

#3 – Nearly 90% of all searches concerning a local business conducted on mobile devices result in a call or visit to that business within 24 hours.

#4 – Three-quarters of local searches result in visits to a business within five miles of the person searching’s location.

#5 – Of those who search online for a local product or service via their mobile device, around 80% confirm they have made a purchase.

#6 – First page rankings are essential because 75% of those searching admit they do not look or click beyond page one of the local search results.

#7 – The use of Google Maps is now so widespread that 86% of consumers say they use it to locate a business that is local to them.

#8 – 18% of mobile searches locally result in a purchase within 24 hours. Only 7% of non-local searches result in a purchase within 24 hours.

#9 – The increase in local consumers adding “near me” or “close by” to their online searches is a staggering 900% in just the past two years.

#10 –  Surveys and feedback indicate that 97% of all those who have used a search engine have looked for a local business at least once.

#11 – When a local search takes place for a product or service, it results in a purchase 28% of the time.

#12 – 78% of online local searches lead to the consumer calling or visiting a local business’s premises.

#13 – Over 60% of consumers say they will not consider purchasing from a local business that has little or no online presence.

#14 – On average, a local business will see a positive ROI for local SEO within just  4 to 5 months.

#15 – 92% of those searching online for a local business say they will only ever choose one that is ranked on page #1 of the local search results

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How To Get Better Search Engine Rankings

Whenever you seek advice about SEO and how to get your website ranking higher on Google, you will find that certain recommendations are always forthcoming. The reason they are is simply that, through experience and the testing and analysis they conduct, SEO agencies and consultants see patterns emerge of what does and what does not help search engine rankings.

One of those aforementioned recommendations will relate to content and specifically about the blog which is part of a business’s website. We should point out at this juncture that if your website does not have a blog, then you most certainly should add one.

As for those who already have a blog but are perhaps not yet satisfied with how it is performing or the ranking your website is achieving, we are going to try to resolve those issues for you. Outlined below are seven proven ways of optimising blogs so that they boost the rankings of the websites they belong to. These are steps that SEO agencies use to boost their own blogs and rankings, so you can be sure that they are effective.

Ensure You Know What Audience You Are Targeting

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make with blogs is that they create generic content that they hope will appeal to everyone. Not only is that impossible but also ineffective when it comes to visitor engagement and rankings. Instead, think about who your ideal target audience is and create content specifically geared toward their likes, wants, and needs.

Conduct Keyword Research So That You Optimise For The Correct Keywords

Do not lose track of the fact that Google rankings are all based on keywords and search terms. This means it is essential that your content and everything associated with it such as titles, tags, and metadata targets the keywords, aka search terms, that you wish Google to rank your website for.

Use Visual Content

Whilst having awesome, high-quality written content is a must, it does not mean that is the only type of content you should publish. Give your visitors a variety of content, especially the visual type. This includes images, diagrams, infographics, and videos, all of which can still be optimised for keywords whilst giving visitors alternative ways to consume your great content.

Take Time To Create The Best Titles Possible

If you cannot get visitors past the title of your blog post, your posts might as well not exist. The best blog creators often spend more time creating their titles, than they do writing the content because they know how impotent the title is. So, whatever time you currently spend on creating titles, quadruple it to make them so awesome that visitors will always be keen to consume the content that follows.

Always Include A Call To Action In Each Post

Each blog post you create should have a purpose beyond helping your Google rankings. To achieve this you must include a call to action (CTA) in each one such as clicking a link to another page on your website, for example. CTAs enhance user engagement and experience plus they keep them on your website for longer, which is a key ranking factor.

Keep Google (And Visitors) Happy By Providing Positive User Experience

User experience (UX) is something that Google places a huge dividend on when it is ranking websites. It desires that those who use Google to search should click through to websites that provide great UX. Ensure you match Google’s expectations by ensuring every blog post, and indeed, every part of your website will be regarded positively by having great content and simple menus for navigation, for example.

Continuously Analyse, Test, And Optimise

Finally, you must understand that getting a top ranking is not a one-off event. To retain them you must stay ahead of your competition who covet your top rankings, and the way you achieve that is through continuous analysis of your blog’s/website‘s performance, testing to see what works best, and optimising where you can see improvements are needed.

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