7 SEO Questions Every Website Owner Should be Answering Yes To

7 SEO Questions Every Website Owner Should be Answering Yes To

If you were to speak to any SEO specialist to ask them whether your current SEO is effective or not, they would almost certainly go through a process of checking a series of optimisations that should be made as part of an SEO campaign. The ones they are likely to focus on most are the on-site optimisations for the simple reason that, as these occur on a website you presumably control, then they are easiest to put right if necessary.

How each SEO specialist would carry out the checks may differ, with some using a checklist, others may have software and tools, and some may simply ask you a series of questions. Many business owners find the latter option the easiest as it is a case of simply answering “Yes” or “No” to the questions being asked. As such here are 7 core SEO questions to which you should be able to answer “Yes” if your website is properly optimised.

Do All The Internal Links Within Your Website Work?

Whilst external backlinks get talked about the most in SEO, that should not diminish the power and importance of internal links within your website. However, for that power to be realised, all your internal links must be working. Any that do not is a black mark when Google crawls your website, so regularly check that all your internal links are working.

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