Ask a random selection of business owners and CEOs how SEO could benefit their businesses, and amazingly some of them will ask you “What is SEO?”. Many others are likely to give you a reply along the lines of “It helps you get noticed on Google”. It is somewhat alarming to realise that only a minority would be able to give you a more comprehensive answer, and even fewer would be able to list several benefits of SEO.

That last point is worth considering because it is the case that, whilst SEO is certainly a means of improving your rankings on Google and other search engines, there is a lot more SEO can do for your business. So much so that, if you continue reading, you will discover no fewer than ten of those benefits that your business could accrue thanks to SEO.

SEO Benefit #1 – Improves Local Search Engine Rankings: An obvious one, but it still needs to be listed, and as the #1 benefit of SEO. Ranking high on Google can transform the success and profitability of your business due to the increased traffic it generates.

SEO Benefit #2 – More People Become Aware Of Your Business: It is a big problem if people have not even heard of your business. That can change when SEO helps you rank because you will appear for lots of local searches and thus the awareness of your business will increase.

SEO Benefit #3 – SEO Is Highly Cost-Effective: You can do SEO yourself but unless you are an expert the desired results may not transpire. Instead, employ an SEO agency that, even though they charge a fee, will almost certainly generate a huge return on that investment.

SEO Benefit #4 – SEO Supports Your Content Marketing: SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, and each supports the other. Great content is essential for SEO to work, and once SEO starts improving your rankings more people will consume the content that you are publishing.

SEO Benefit #5 – SEO Can Enhance PPC Campaign Results: If you run a PPC campaign at the same time as SEO, it can come to pass that your organic result on the search engines and PPC ad both appear, which boosts the traffic generated by both channels.

SEO Benefit #6 – SEO Improves Your Website’s UX: User experience (UX) has a huge influence on your Google rankings, and the fact that many of the optimisations which happen as part of SEO will improve and enhance your website’s UX, is highly beneficial.

SEO Benefit #7 – SEO Boosts Your Credibility: How many businesses can say they rank #1 on Google? Not many, and if you are ranking at that top spot for a range of relevant search terms then you can truly say you are the #1 company in your local market.

SEO Benefit #8 – SEO Helps Build Your Brand: Branding plays a significant role in the success of a business, and thanks to SEO putting your business and its branding in front of more people, awareness of your brand will greatly increase.

SEO Benefit #9 – SEO Can Be Analysed To Pinpoint Further Optimisations: SEO is not a one-off task, but instead an ongoing exercise in the improvement and consolidation of your search engine rankings. Thankfully, SEO lends itself well to analytics, allowing you to continually make adjustments and improvements.

SEO Benefit #10 – SEO Provides Your Business With A Huge Competitive Advantage: All local businesses have competition, and anything you can do to give yours a competitive advantage should be embraced. SEO can place your business well ahead of your competitors in many ways, as the previous nine SEO benefits prove.