Best Pay Per Click Marketing Tools

Best Pay Per Click Marketing Tools

For any business that wants to get almost instant traffic to its website, the use of pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is one of the most recommended ways of doing so. There are countless platforms on which you can advertise, although Facebook, Google and Bing are where the majority of advertisers head for.

Before you head off and start paying for ads, it is crucial that you carry out research beforehand, In particular, you need to assess what your competition is doing if they are running PPC ads. From this, you can learn what keywords to use, what bids per click to make and also get some great ideas for your ad copy.

All of this is virtually impossible to do manually so pay per click software is needed. There are plenty of them available, but we are going to focus on 7 of the best.


If you know which keywords that you want to target, you can use SEM Rush to discover and analyse what the completion for those keywords is doing with their PPC campaign. For each competitor that SEM Rush highlights you can establish what other keywords they are targeting and how their ads are written. For those that want to do SEO alongside their paid marketing, SEM rush also provides details of those that are ranking organically for specific keywords.

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